Types of Management Control

Types of management control
There are five ways of controlling plans which are:

1. strategic control: it deals with resource maximization,the company checks the overall performance to see whether it is utilizing its opportunities and resources to the fullest.some of these opportunities may include the skills,experience and the abilities of the personnel involved in the organisation,the market demand of the products and the cost of production.this is normally done by the top management.

2. operational control management control: it is assessing the efficiency of the plans and methods used in order to ensure hat the various individual tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently

3. profitability control: this is when the company assesses its profit or losses and it is very important for a company since the aim of every company is profit maximization.It seeks to know if the company is loosing money so as to knoew the companies loop holes and how to fix it.Profitability control is normally the responsibility of the marketing department

4. Annual-plan control: it is the process whereby top management examines the actual outcomes of its company's effort annually in order to know if the companies efforts have been productive or not.

5. Management control: it is concerned with the human effort of plan implementation.it entails ensuring that relevant resources are well utilized andd workers are well motivated